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penthouse Benidorm

The house is located in a residential tower on the first line of Benidorm's Levante Beach, one of those towers that make up the city's peculiar urban landscape.


The panorama is unbeatable, the house has 360º views thanks to the fact that the building only has one house per floor, dominating the Mediterranean from the first moment you enter.


The sea gets inside the house, and that feeling is so powerful that it totally conditions the performance: the colors will be limited so as not to compete with the omnipresent blue, the walls are curved to allow the views and the interior space is the same. way than the exterior, diluting the boundary between the interior and the exterior.

Architects> FIC arquitectos ///

Construction company> Josep Llorca Construcciones ///

Carpenters> Sergio Furniture ///

Air conditioning and home automation> EPC ///

Photography> Denis Calle Facal ///

Location> Alicante / 2018 - 2019 ///

Surface> 148 m2

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