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50 years after the founding of n u stra company by Salvador Llorca, we follow the steps of the primal family business guided by the same values and ethical principles and facing new business challenges.

Our Vision is to be a leading construction company in our sector, capable of offering global solutions in reforms, rehabilitation and construction of housing and tourist infrastructures.
Our Mission is to be able to efficiently carry out and manage the constructions, reforms and rehabilitations that contribute to the development of our environment. 
We are aware that, to be a successful and sustainable company, our conduct must be based on solid and deep values such as Responsibility, Rigor and Respect for Legality, Excellence and Professionalism in the provision of our services, and Integrity and Honesty in the development of our activity. 
Thus, this Code of Ethics and Conduct constitutes an express declaration of those principles, values and guidelines of conduct that should inspire and guide the behavior of the people integrated in the company in the development of their work and professional activity, convinced that their observance will allow us to improve day by day.
I thank all employees, related persons and, in general, all recipients of this Code, for their commitment and collaboration. I encourage everyone to continue applying the principles and values contained in this document, the framework of reference for the behavior of Josep Llorca Construcciones, on a day-to-day basis.
There are many pages to live to continue making the dreams of our clients come true.
Josep S. Llorca Gomis
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